Oakridge Bengaluru Newsletter

March 2023

From The

Principal's Desk


Dear Parents,

This Saturday, on 1st April between 5-7 pm, Oakridge will be hosting the much-awaited parenting session by the world-renowned spiritual leader BK Shivani. This is an amazing opportunity to understand how to raise our children mindfully so that they become emotionally strong individuals who can cope successfully with the vagaries of life. Our children have all their physical needs met but emotionally they are influenced by a consumerist culture of instant self-gratification. In such a scenario, it is incumbent on the school and the family to give them coping mechanisms to thrive in the dynamic world we inhabit. Please don’t miss this opportunity as we intend to continue our work on enhancing the emotional and spiritual well-being of our students through your cooperation and participation.

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Many thanks and kind regards,

Pallavi Mishra

Enhancing Approaches To Learning (ATL) skills

The Champions trophy initiative for PYP 3 and PYP 4 students is an endeavor towards providing an opportunity for children to develop:

  • Learning Skills: Critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.
  • Life Skills: Flexibility, initiative, social skills, productivity, leadership.
  • Literacy Skills: Information literacy, media literacy, technology literacy
  • The learners worked in groups and prepared their presentations on a topic of their choice.

    Group 1- Humans serve a purpose on earth Or Adaptation for survival.

    Group 2- Machines -making life easy or lazy Or Technology -a boon or a bane.

    Group 3- Reading a dying interest Or Video games -to play or not to play.

    Group 4- Traditional teaching should be supplemented with AI-powered education Or Home assignment leads to good study habit.

    Ms Aneeta Pati
    PYP Coordinator

    Champions Trophy

    PYP 3 and PYP 4


    It's all about

    Pursuing Excellence!


    International Language Week


    ‘Language Week in schools gives an opportunity for students to feel proud of the different languages they learn and the cultural awareness they develop. Learning languages helps in developing international mindedness in students which is at the core of IB’s philosophy.

    To inculcate the importance of various languages, we celebrated “International Language week” from 20 February to 24 February. MYP 1 and MYP 2 learners had movie time in their respective target language, which the students enjoyed thoroughly. MYP 3 learners were engaged in different activities like Charades, Pictionary, Karaoke etc. During the same week, our MYP 4 Learners held a cooking show. All the learners participated diligently in the show and tried their hand at various French, Spanish and Indian cuisines.

    Whole school assembly was conducted on 22 February as part of International Language Week. Students from PYP and MYP segments presented different dance forms, songs and some fun facts about the target languages they have been learning. It was wonderful to see their enthusiasm throughout the event.

    Aditi Aggarwal, MYP & DP facilitator – French

    Sreelekha Devangam, MYP & DP facilitator – Spanish

    Hot air balloon, Rappelling and many more!

    The leadership camp for PYP 3 to MYP 3 was a learning podium for students to hone skills like teamwork, togetherness, cooperation, creativity, self-confidence etc. The highlight of the camp was Hot Air Balloon ride to witness the surrounding view from the top.

    Over the 2 days, they had different obstacle courses and team-building activities such as Commando Obstacles, Rappelling, Tyrolean Traverse, Zorbing, Kayaking, Flying Fox, Jumaring, Slackline, Free Fall, Tent Pitching etc.

    Each day brought excitement and fun filled adventurous activities and closed with cultural performances around the bonfire. The students were comfortably accommodated in tents with bedding and other essentials, sumptuous meals and refreshments. They were closely monitored by their team mentors to ensure safety and security.

    The program developed collaborative and leadership skills and helped expose key facets of leadership and team interaction which is overlooked in usual settings.

    Poulomi Dasgupta
    Curriculum Coordinator, HOD – Individuals and Societies

    Leadership Skills

    Through Adventure and Fun



    Science Fest


    Experience the Magic of Science

    We at Oakridge believe in exposing our learners to experience and learn. Students are encouraged to learn things by doing. We as facilitators make sure each student is given a chance to unravel the mysteries of science. Utkranti’23 dawned as sun shines brightly heralding an inspiring day for one and all. The students of MYP 4 chose to volunteer and hosted a few stalls where they shared information and answered questions of students of other grades as they visited them.

    Utkranti’23 was inaugurated by our Principal Ms. Pallavi Mishra by the science “magic of making juices” from plain water. This was followed by a Ramp Walk by superorganisms- students dressed up like organisms and explained how they could have superpowers!

    The Stalls were Bursting the myths, Optical illusions, and Fun with Science, through the Lens and Challenge – to make the tallest tower in given time with supplies provided. Students also experienced Space Travel through Mystery Dome! Each grade came out of the dome Space Smart. Everyone at Oakridge was mesmerized by the way students conducted the experiments. The love for science was so evident in each and every stalls.

    Nishtha Srivastava

    See you again in the next month with new stories and updates!