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April 2023

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Principal's Desk


Dear Parents,

The subject of stress/ anxiety /lack of coping skills demand equal attention alongside the academic progress of each child. Harvard medical research, along with several other powerful studies done in the recent times, proves beyond doubt that meditation is right now not an option but a necessary life skill to master the present as well as the possibilities of a dynamic future.

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Many thanks and kind regards,

Pallavi Mishra

Where we are in place and time!

In the final year of PYP, students carry out an extensive, collaborative project involving various real-life problems which culminates as the PYP exhibition. This year Grade 5 learners chose Exploration under the TD theme-“Where we are in place and time”.

The grade 5 team came up with 4 major areas of interest – Space, Land and Water, Technology, and Science. As students, this was their first experience in independently designing the whole unit.

  • Science group dedicated their time in exploring bioengineering, physical experiments chemical reactions.
  • Space group explored life and discovery on the world beyond us. A small group was involved in teaching and spreading awareness on space.
  • Technology group made a VR game on alternating furniture and made remote control car using Arduino.
  • From testing soil and water to designing logos and scratch games to spreading, from conducting surveys and interviews to creating posters and Ted talks they were able to awareness on the importance of exploration and understand how the world fits together and how they fit within it.

    Aneeta Pati
    PYP Coordinator


    Science, Space and Tech


    It's all about

    Positive Parenting!


    Raising happy, confident, and future-ready children.


    Oakridge International School Bengaluru hosted a Positive Parenting Session with renowned Rajyoga Practitioner and Spiritual Leader, BK Shivani, on Saturday, 1st April 2023. The session hosted by the school’s Principal, Ms. Pallavi Mishra, was held in the school’s campus.

    The event was designed to help the Gen Z and Gen Alpha parents understand and implement positive parenting techniques in their daily lives. BK Shivani, an ardent advocate of positive parenting, shared her valuable insights on how parents can raise happy, confident, and future-ready children.

    “We have reached a stage where we go online to learn ‘how to nurture my child’. We are moving away from what is natural, innate and intuitive”, said BK Shivani. She further talked about how simple lifestyle changes can balance physical, emotional, intellectual and social health. “Reducing pressure on children is not the option, increasing their resilience is the more important choice that parents should make”, she added.

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    Sara Cherian
    Manager – Communications

    Outpouring positivity and encouragement

    In a heartwarming display of camaraderie and support, students from across the grades came together to wish their seniors good luck as they prepare to appear for their final exams.

    Amidst the hustle and bustle of exam season, students created thoughtful posters and messages, which they proudly displayed on the library wall. The inspirational quotes and messages were designed to boost morale and help ease the nerves of their senior classmates.

    One student explained the motivation behind the campaign, saying, “We wanted to do something to show our seniors that we’re here for them. It’s important to know that you have support when you’re appearing for exam, and we hope that our messages will help them feel more confident and less anxious.”


    Being there matters!


    Satellite Technology Day



    STEAM Champions and their satellites

    Did you know 19th April was Satellite Technology Day?

    On that day in 1975, India’s first satellite Aryabhata was launched successfully, which spearheaded the growth of satellite technologies.

    To commemorate the spirit of this remarkable day, our Rocket Scientists of OASA (Oakridge Aeronautical Space Association) celebrated Satellite Technology Day by showcasing their own ecofriendly satellites/spacecrafts that reduce space pollution and debris. They created their ecofriendly satellites and spacecrafts as a part of their Summative Assessment.

    Students have beautifully demonstrated their STEAM learnings via 3D models of Satellites and Spacecrafts. The best part is that every student came up with a unique model with the desired objective.

    Kudos to our IB learners for the amazing work! 😇

    Indrani Roy
    MYP Science Facilitator

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