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Why Effective Communication is Important

  • 24 June 2022

Our lives depend heavily on communication. At all educational levels, effective communication skills are essential. Students who lack effective communication skills face the possibility of lagging behind their peers or becoming overly emotional in class. Today, we’ll talk about how effective communication helps children in academics.

Students should not only have academic proficiency in the current global context, but also the necessary abilities to improve their future learning and career opportunities.

Communication is intricate and diverse. Students are more equipped to express their views, demonstrate empathy for others, and peacefully resolve a problem when they have mastered the intricacies of speech communication and non-verbal cues. Effective communicators are more likely to succeed and be viewed as strong leaders than those who find it difficult to explain themselves.

Every area of our curriculum at Oakridge International School Visakhapatnam, starting with our early childhood programme, incorporates healthy communication modelling.     

Other Things That Students Can Benefit from Communication Skills

In today’s environment, when technology is advancing at incredible rate, people do not however frequently wonder “What is the necessity of communication skills.” People, however, are unable to fully comprehend how it is helpful in the field of academia. It has far more meaning than what is immediately apparent, as we have already explained.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing your time in improving communication skills.

Improved student-teacher relationships:

Students must communicate their subjective and objective doubts with their lecturers in order to better understand what they are being taught. However, a lack of confidence, anxiety, and hesitation prevent the majority of students from asking questions. Communication skills help them by a long shot in listening, understanding the point of view of teachers in the class, and asking them questions with confidence which will help them gain more knowledge.

Important Component of Career Development

Students who communicate well with interviewers about their abilities, knowledge, and vocabulary are more likely to land a job after finishing their degree. Effective communication has the power to completely change someone’s personality. There is nothing more powerful than clear communication, according to psychologist and author Jordan Peterson.

Establishing Professionalism

Students of today may go on to become doctors, who will require efficient patient communication. They may develop into engineers who must provide directions to their technical employees. They might go into law and have to communicate using language and the law. Today more than ever, India needs capable corporate, political, and social leaders.

As dedicated educators, we encourage students to seek out challenges and face them with perseverance and passion.  With your continued support at school we strive to ensure that our students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning. We encourage them to take opportunities that allow them to develop their complex communication and problem solving skills and to flourish as life-long learners.

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