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Masks that Matter

  • 8 May 2020

Step outside without a face mask these days, and you may well get a disapproving look. With the directive coming from the government for all citizens to wear face masks when stepping out; there was a critical shortage of those at every chemist store and retail shop. Some shops that had stocks available had increased the prices, making it difficult for many to buy.

Sabreen and Aarna – classmates and neighbors, studying in grade 5 at Oakridge International School, Mohali learnt about how people are facing difficulties to get face masks for themselves due to the shortage in supply. They were particularly worried about the homeless and poor, who could not afford such high-priced masks.

While Aarna and Sabreen knew how to make masks but making in bulk quantities was a challenge. Guided by Sabreen’s mother who works as the Senior Nursing Officer at PGIMER Chandigarh , the duo hired a tailor to begin stitching these masks together. Once the first lot of masks were delivered , the kids sanitized these masks at their home and started distributing it to the needy through the help of other volunteers. At their first attempt, each one of them donated 200 masks and another 200 are in process. In the future, these brave little kids want to continue to serve the community, be it through making and donating masks or in some other way.

Aarna and her family members also support the needs of people who do not have any source of income at these challenging times. She has helped her own housemaid by giving her essentials and more. “Do your bit and think from heart and soul to support people around you who have no source of income in the current lockdown situation”, says Aarna.

While her mother works more than 12 hours in the hospital, Sabreen not only manages the house when her mom is away but also does her bit to help the community. From delivering essentials to old-aged neighbors, to independently doing the household chores and attending her virtual classes. she understands the important role her mother is playing and does her best to support it in all ways possible.

I am struck by the insight, courage, and concern exhibited by Sabreen and Aarna. All of us think about and appreciate the marvelous work being done by our frontline workers, many of us contribute to various charities, some of us take time to express our gratitude in various ways and then we have our student heroes – they take action! I am so proud of our Oakridge student heroes who are taking action, this is a true reflection of their connection with the community, concern for mankind and willingness to share and think of others”, says Oakridge Mohali Principal, Ramanjit Ghuman.

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