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Oakridgers celebrated the festive vibe of Two’s Days

  • 26 February 2022

2nd month of the year had something special this time. February 2022 has 2 palindrome dates: 2/2/22 and 22/2/22. Palindrome dates are read the same both backward and forward.

From 2/2/22 to 22/2/22 everyone in the campus tried to do most of the activities in pairs as a symbolic gesture to remember these dates forever. Some ate universal combinations like bread-jam, some wore accessories in pairs, some participated in our social media challenge to complete 2 km of walk in pairs, and a lot more.

Ms Ruchi, HRT Grade 2, created this wonderful poem on two’s day:
Looking at the calendar,
My heart started to wonder.
The excitement blew a storm,
The upcoming date is Palindrome.
Gear up to celebrate,
This date is worth debate,
It’s not going to repeat soon,
Let’s create some memories to boon.
The best part is the grade 2,
Which goes with this date too.
Students culminated this celebration by creating a lifelong Souvenir/token on a T-shirt by writing their best memory of the challenge/date on it, which they plan to keep for life as a memory with them.
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