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Why Community Service should be Integrated in School Curriculum

  • 27 January 2023

Kailash Satyarthi in his Nobel acceptance speech talked about a story that he heard in his childhood days. “A terrible fire had broken out in the forest. All the animals were running away, including the lion, king of the forest. Suddenly, the lion saw a tiny bird rushing towards the fire. He asked the bird, ‘what are you doing?’ To the lion’s surprise, the bird replied, ‘I am on my way to extinguish the fire.’ He laughed and said, ‘how can you kill the fire with just one drop of water, in your beak?’ The bird was adamant, and said, ‘But I am doing my bit.’”  

This is how the existence of humanity is classified, that is, by the sheer ingenuity to build and impact the community positively. Even if there are multiple problems that arise in civilization, this very core instinct of humanity to be simply kind to each other helps find billions of solutions for these problems. In this way, it becomes important to instill a sense for belonging in community and responsibility for the same among the students. So here are some benefits of including social and community service in curriculum:  

A Sense of Community  

The aspect of volunteering or reaching out to the community helps students feel the sense of belonging. It makes them understand that no matter what happens, they are not alone in their quest. If they give back kindness, they will receive the same from the world.  

Helps in Career Prospects  

A community outreach initiative helps students and job seekers alike in highlighting multiple soft skills on their resume. Multiple universities give leverage to students who extensively participate in community outreach programs.  

Raises Social Awareness  

Whenever an individual decides to help the community, he/she steps out of a familiar situation and comfort zone. This helps one maximize their worldview and thereby get a nuanced insight of life. It also helps in making the learners more humble in their approach.  

Improves Networking Skills  

Engaging actively with community helps one to establish contacts and make friends. This becomes fundamental in idea exchange and formulating holistic discourse. It also helps students in the long run, while organizing activities like donation drives/ fundraising.  

Enhances Leadership Skills  

Besides many skills, actively participating in community outreach activities helps students in enhancing their communication and organizational skills. This, by default, makes them adept leaders.  


Ms Shalini Samuel, the CAS head adds, “The students at Oakridge International School, Gachibowli participate in community outreach activities right from their Early Years education. From Service as Action Committee, to CAS, our students are consistently striving to make the world around them a better place.”  


-Shriyanshi Shukla 

Manager (Communications) 

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