• 24 July 2023

The Transformative Power of a Trekking Expedition

As the Head of Experiential Learning at our esteemed institution, I firmly believe in the importance of providing our students...

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  • 19 March 2023

Connecting the Dots: Guiding Students into Inquiry

Have you ever wondered ‘Why is the sine/cos/tan value of an angle the same in a right-angled triangle irrespective of...

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  • 20 February 2023

Language and Learning: Why mother tongue should be included in learning?

In 1981, East Africa’s leading novelist, Ngugi Wa Thiong’o made a swift change in his writing career. Through his essay, ‘Decolonising...

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  • 27 January 2023

Why Community Service should be Integrated in School Curriculum

Kailash Satyarthi in his Nobel acceptance speech talked about a story that he heard in his childhood days. “A terrible...

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  • 23 January 2023

Early Habits, Lasting Impact: How Punctuality Shapes Learning

Regular schedule and punctuality are the twin pillars of achieving consistency in classroom. Together, they form the basis of effective...

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