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Oakridge International School Gachibowli’s Pre-Nursery Program: Comprehensive Care and Education for Young Learners

  • 27 May 2024

As Oakridge International School Gachibowli embarks on its journey to nurture young minds, the school introduces its much-awaited Pre-Nursery program. Aimed at providing a holistic environment for the youngest learners, the school has meticulously designed every aspect to ensure both safety and quality education.

Teacher-Student Ratio and Safety Measures

As parents, one of the foremost concerns when choosing a learning environment for young minds is the assurance of their safety and well-being. At Oakridge, we understand these concerns and prioritize them above all else.

In our Pre-Nursery section, we maintain a thoughtful teacher-student ratio to provide personalized attention. Each child is supported by a dedicated team, ensuring their safety and well-being at all times. With CCTV surveillance, vigilant supervision, and an in-house medical facility, parents can trust that their child’s safety is our top priority. This ensures personalized attention and support for each child throughout their formative years.

Meeting the Unique Needs of Pre-Nursery Kids

Understanding the unique needs of pre-nursery children is paramount in providing them with the best possible start to their educational journey. At Oakridge, we recognize that this stage is crucial for laying the foundation for future learning and development. Our Pre-Nursery curriculum is carefully crafted to cater to the specific needs of these young learners.

Our educational approach focuses on nurturing every aspect of a child’s development, from cognitive and physical skills to social and emotional growth. Through a blend of academic learning and hands-on experiences, we create a supportive environment where children can explore, learn, and grow at their own pace.

Educational Approach and Extracurricular Activities: Fostering Holistic Growth

In our Pre-Nursery program, we go beyond traditional academics to provide a well-rounded educational experience. Our curriculum is enriched with a variety of extracurricular activities designed to foster holistic growth in our students. From sports teams to music programs, children have the opportunity to explore their interests and talents, developing important skills and confidence along the way. We strive to ensure that each child receives the care, support, and opportunities they need to flourish.

Parental Engagement and Support Systems

This age marks a crucial period in laying the foundation for a child’s development. It is imperative to have a collaborative effort from both parents and teachers to ensure the holistic development of the child. At Oakridge International School Gachibowli, we deeply understand the significance of this partnership and encourage active participation from parents. From volunteering in classrooms to mentoring students during exhibitions and research projects, parents are integral to the school community.

Transparent communication channels ensure that parents are kept informed about their child’s progress and school activities. Regular updates are provided via email, and teachers are accessible for direct communication during specified hours on weekdays.

Addressing Learning, Emotional, and Discipline Issues

The school has robust support systems in place to address various challenges that students may encounter. From learning difficulties to emotional issues, a team of educators, counselors, and administrators collaborates to provide personalized support. Individualized education programs, counseling services, and mindfulness activities contribute to a nurturing environment where every child feels supported and valued.

By Ms Kathakali Roy 

Head of EYP