Rohan Gondi: Rising Star in the World of Squash

  • 8 December 2023

In the dynamic world of squash, 17-year-old Rohan Arya Gondi stands out as a remarkable talent, recently achieving the rank of India’s No.1 in the under-19 category. This young prodigy, a 12th standard student at Oakridge International School, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, has not only conquered national titles but has also made a mark globally, securing victories in prestigious tournaments such as the US Junior Open, European Junior Open, and more.

A Unique Journey:

What distinguishes Rohan from his competitors is the unconventional path his family has taken in the sport. Thirteen years ago, they were newcomers, using playground monkey bars and cricket pitch rollers for warm-ups. Their approach involved integrating unique elements like Wim Hof breathing and occasional basketball breaks, emphasizing physical fitness, mental strength, and nutrition. This holistic strategy, where squash training accounted for only 25% of their energy, has given Rohan a distinctive perspective on the sport.

Memorable Victories:

Rohan’s journey includes notable victories in major Junior Opens worldwide. One of the most satisfying moments for him was winning the US Junior Open in 2018, battling jet lag, harsh weather, and tough competition to emerge victorious in a final against Pakistani player Humam Ahmed.

Future Aspirations:

Looking ahead, Rohan has big plans for 2024. On the squash front, he aims to make a mark in the world junior championships in Houston. Academically, he is set to attend Yale University, majoring in Biomedical engineering with a focus on stem cell research and wearables.

Family Support:

Behind the scenes, Rohan’s family has been the driving force. His father, Ramesh Gondi, serves not only as his squash coach but also as a mentor. The unwavering support of his mother ensures the smooth running of his world outside squash.

Balancing Act:

Managing academics and sports has been a testament to Rohan’s dedication. He carries his books to tournaments, studies in airports and hotel rooms, with strong support from his school and teachers.

Rohan Gondi’s exceptional journey stands as a testament to the holistic approach embraced by Oakridge International School, the best international school in Hyderabad. As Oakridge encourages and nurtures the unique interests of every child, Rohan’s story exemplifies the school’s commitment to fostering not only academic excellence but also individual passions and talents. His remarkable achievements in squash serve as an inspiration for students to pursue their dreams while receiving comprehensive support from a school that values and caters to each child’s distinctive capabilities.