Connecting students worldwide through Global Campus in school

Our Global Campus starts in your child's school.

Global Campus In



Global Campus in school provides activities, challenges and competitions on which students can collaborate in teams to create innovative solutions to real problems.
Your child’s school is a vital part of our Global Campus. Through lessons beyond the classroom, after school activities and worldwide challenges, our teachers nurture language skills, cultural literacy and global citizenship to prepare your child to succeed in our globalised world.
Your child’s learning in school is designed to help them develop knowledge, skills and a global perspective. Internationally recognised curricula, school trips and activities teach them to embrace different cultures, languages and environments and prepares them to succeed anywhere in the world.

Global Campus In School also offers global activities, challenges and competitions where your child will work with fellow students of all ages in their school to create innovative solutions for a wide variety of real-world situations.

Students of all ages throughout the school work together to decide what task to complete and then collaborate, compete, and work towards presenting it through a variety of multi-media channels. This activity not only stretches our students’ imaginations but also develops their hands-on problem solving, presentation and evaluation skills.

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