Learning for the future

We learn better, together. Global Campus, an online platform connects your child to over 69,000 students across the globe

What is

Global Campus?

Global Campus is a personalised online learning platform that only students from Nord Anglia have access to. Our team of experts monitor all online activity, so your child is always safe. Only students over eight have direct access, while under eights are supported by teachers and Global Campus leaders in their classrooms.

Learning has no limits at Nord Anglia Education. Every Nord Anglia school offers engaging learning environments to ensure your child loves coming to school. All students are a part of more than just their own school; they are involved in a virtual learning environment called Global Campus where they learn with fellow students around the world. Nord Anglia students are at the heart of every aspect of Global Campus. They can learn from invited experts, take part in various challenges and competitions, or collaborate with peers before and after regional festivals, sports events or global expeditions.



Global Campus?

  • Immerses students in international projects and challenges 
  • Cultivates students’ skills in global networking 
  • Encourages students to discuss collaborate, compete and celebrate with one another 
  • Amplifies students’ classroom learning through one-of-a-kind experiences

We believe that our most successful students are those that are able to learn independently and collaborate effectively. Global Campus offers our students the chance to develop these skill sets through online challenges and competitions. Our online platform enhances students’ learning through Nord Anglia’s collaborations with our outstanding partners. Our partnership with MIT develops our students’ abilities within STEAM, the work our students do with Juilliard encourages our students’ creativity through the performing arts, and our collaboration with UNICEF empowers students to make the world a better place. At Nord Anglia we give our students a well-rounded education that is enriched by these partnerships.






  • Connects top students from the best schools around the world
  • Provides students with an extensive range of learning opportunities 24/7
  • Connects students with selected experts who are international leaders in their fields