Literary Activities

Unlimited learning resources that develop skills to comprehend and communicate excellently.

At Oakridge International School, Bachupally we are firm believers that English is a global study that should be embraced by every community. Whether this is for language speaking and communication purposes, or to enjoy the vast array of literary texts English has to offer. With Reading Challenges, Socratic Dialogue sessions, and celebrating bith anniversary of William Shakespear as a theme, we ensure that your child inculcates reading habits and develops the skills to comprehend and communicate excellently. To sharpen their interview skills, students of grade 10 CAIE assess their interview writing and conducting skills by transforming their home into their journalistic hub. Last year, they designed their interviews and interviewed their family members. The interviews were priceless as their parents revealed so many life lessons and interests. Mutation in English examination included addressing task from a new perspective, while our students treasure valuable lessons and encourage greater confidence and imagination like never before.