Sports and Wellness

Developing a love for physical activities via professionally trained instructors.

Our aim in Physical Education is to introduce students to a wide variety of sports and activities with the hope that they leave Oakridge International School, Bachupally recognizing the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle after developing a love for physical activity.

At Oakridge International School, Bachupally, we believe in the holistic development of each child. Our extensive Physical Education Programme provides ample opportunity for a variety of physical and sporting activities to keep the bodies of students as active as their minds.


Our Physical Education curriculum provides opportunity for each student to:  

  • Demonstrate the ability to improve the range, quality and complexity of their skills  
  • Understand and apply appropriate strategies and tactics  
  • Develop social awareness and problem-solving skills to work independently and as part of a team within a safe, learner-friendly environment  
  • Foster an understanding and appreciation of the role activity plays in promoting health-related fitness  
  • Learn to constructively evaluate their own performance and that of others and provide informed feedback, with an aim to continually reflect upon and improve their performance  
  • Understand how to lead themselves and others within physical activity 

Sports We Offer

  • Basketball 
  • Lawn Tennis 
  • Cricket
  • Skating
  • Football 
  • Swimming
  • Athletics