Extend learning through Global Campus online

Your child can lead their own learning through access to information, courses and challenges linked to the curriculum.

Global Campus


Global Campus online provides a learning environment where students can create content, work with invited experts and debate with others. Your child will learn with over 69,600 students and selected experts around the world through access to a wide variety of courses, information and challenges tailored to their age group.

Students lead their own learning in a secure and moderated online environment only accessible by other Nord Anglia students and monitored by our team.  

 Our team of educational experts and teachers have designed the Global Campus Online to complement the curriculum and extend your child’s learning by teaming up with world leading organisations such as Imperial College London and Oxfam. 

 Global Campus Online supports your child’s learning in various key curriculum areas: 

  • Arts 
  • English 
  • Humanities 
  • World Languages 
  • Sport and Health 
  • Science, Technology and Math

 The content has also been designed to nurture key transferable skills and help students gain the confidence to take initiative, create content, challenge themselves and lead.  

 Working with students from around the world in this way will help your child develop a global perspective. Your child will experience diverse viewpoints on real world issues. They will be encouraged to think critically, challenge prevailing attitudes and presumptions and engage with new ideas to develop creative solutions. 

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