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Virtual School Experience

  • 21 December 2020

At Oakridge International School, Gachibowli our Virtual School Experience ensures that online learning goes beyond the screens for our students. Read about what our parent community feels about our online learning experience and how we deliver an education that transcends online screens.

90% of our parents say Oakridge offers a stimulating learning environment.

We recognised way early in time the pressure that the current situation can put on parents and on students’ well-being. As such, we make sure that the learning is not just online or passive, but involves physical and practical activity, designing and making, and pastoral and tutorial care to make sure we do our best to support parents in looking after their social and health needs.

just as our students do every day in their classroom, our Virtual School Experience gives your child access to their regular lessons, run by their own dedicated teachers, direct to their home wherever that is in the world. Alongside their classmates, children participate in their classes, collaborate together on tasks, engage with their teachers and submit assignments for feedback.

It is commendable to see that not only theory classes are being taken online, but yoga and dance are also included and made it an interesting aspect of virtual learning. The best of both worlds, homeschooling with the expertise of the familiar and expert subject teachers from Oakridge!” –Leena, Parent of Jaskreet

90% of our parents are happy with the technological integration in learning

Our focus while modelling the best online classes for school students was on ‘student learning’, where we emphasize on a cycle of inquiry, frequent dialogue, decision-making processes, intentional actions and evaluations. Thus, our world-class teachers have adapted and enhanced our online learning environment with several methods including visual, kinesthetic, textual and auditory delivery methods.

Through our Oakridge’s Virtual School Experience and Nord Anglia’s Global Campus platform, our 67,000 students across 29 countries throughout the world are connected. They work remotely together, solving challenges like those set by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or collaborating on solutions for UNICEF’s Sustainable Development Goals. Our students from around the world come together to support, learn and develop each other from their homes.

92% of our parents say their child is motivated by their teacher

At the heart of our Virtual School Experience is the teaching of fun, creative and interesting lessons. From playing musical instruments to science experiments, conversations in foreign languages or fun artistic challenges, our teachers are experts in bringing subjects to life through their virtual lessons and independent study. Our blended learning approach ensures your child learns – through their curriculum – in the same way, they would be in their school’s classrooms.

Our goal is to help students learn to ask questions, express themselves, collaborate with others, and take creative risks. We also want them to retain their natural curiosity and to never lose the excitement of learning something new. All those things are achieved by making virtual learning fun for children.” -Ms. Kathakali Roy, Nursery and EY1 Grade Level Coordinator

With high-quality resources and creative activities set by their class teachers, our students have continued to take their steps towards excellence from home.

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