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Giving Way to Aspirations: Five Qualities of Successful College Essay

  • 19 December 2022


Everyone looks forward to being a part of the campus that gives a wide platform to their careers. The last two years of one’s high school become crucial henceforth. Be it Common App or Coalition, every platform demands an essay or personal statement from the students. Besides this, the supplements also add to the value of one’s college application. This gives one a chance to exhibit their talents, worldview, perspective, and personality to the admissions officer, thereby directly impacting the status of candidature. As the students gear up for the admission season and aim to enter the mighty gates of the world’s best universities, certain key points should be checked out from the admissions list. So here is the checklist of what your college application should highlight.

Your college application should

Be Reflective

Students must show a certain level of introspection, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities in their essays. Hence, adopting a reflective tone in one’s essays and supplements would highlight your very own story. In this regard, one needs to show the details of the problem/struggle they have faced, what they learned, how they viewed the world, and who they are.

Exhibit Your Voice

While your transcripts would help the admissions officer to understand your academic success and your letter of recommendation would highlight your subject proficiency, the essays are your chance to add your voice to your application. Remember, the more personal your essays, the greater the chance for them to stand out.

Show Rather Tell

What matters the most to make your essays stand out, is the one mantra of showing your struggles through descriptive writing rather than telling about them. For example- merely stating that you participated in a theatre production might not be that impactful, but if you precisely describe how you felt on stage while delivering a monologue, it would grab more attention.

Be Distinct and Structured

It is important to make your essay captivating and engaging. Therefore, digression in your essays should be strictly avoided. The narrative should be closely knit and the language should be precisely structured. It goes without saying but glaring errors like typos and grammatical mistakes should be a big no while drafting your essay.

Be Meaningful

In nutshell, your essays should add meaning to your profile. Be mindful of reflecting on your voice, your experience, and your views in your application. Also, include how you would add value to that particular institute. Make sure to add how you would add to the diversity of the campus and what you would bring on board.


Shriyanshi Shukla

Manager (Communications)





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