School Readiness and Transition into Formal School

School Readiness and Transition into Formal School

Quick tips to help children become comfortable in a new school

The beginning of a school year often elicits mixed feelings in the hearts of young parents. There is elation at the child entering a formal school or many times a child transitioning into a new school. Along with this, there is a niggling sense of worry and unease. Here are a few time-tested tips for parents, which will go a long way in getting themselves and their child ready for the new journey.

 Here are a few time-tested tips for parents:

1. Engage with a Ready School

transition into school

How does a ready school look like? Yes, a ready school is the one that exudes warmth and openness. It prepares children for the future by implementing curricula that support knowledge, skills and attitude; building along with keeping the child, family and community deeply connected. It is a safe and secure place where the environment is physically and emotionally safe. The biggest differentiator is ‘engagement’ – such a school is always ready to engage with the family.

2. Initiate complete work cycle habit

Initiate complete work cycle habit

When parents engage with children and involve them in daily chores like keeping the toys back after the play or clearing the table, what actually happens is that the child learns to follow instructions and work in complete work cycles. These are essential life skills and go a long way.

3. Encourage curiosity

Encourage curiosity

Ask questions and encourage your child to do so. This opens a channel of communication, kindles curiosity and above all helps children to always voice a query or a concern.

4. Let them socialize

Let them socialize

Take out time to help your child socialise with her/his peers. Children learn to care, share and build positive relationships through play. Play and learning are deeply intertwined and will be a part of school life as well.

5. Keep fear away

Keep fear away

Above all, keep anxiety away – build a positive image of the school. School is fun – this script will come only when there is enthusiasm in your conversations.

So, get ready for a journey of joyful learning by consciously including these tips into your daily life.

Ms. Ramanjit Ghuman

Principal at Oakridge International School, Mohali

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