Principal Update June 2022

  • 7 June 2022

Dear Parents,


I am sure you are looking forward to re-opening school from 6 June 2022 onwards. We are actively preparing to receive students; the teachers and staff are back to work, focusing on preparing a welcoming classroom environment and collaborative planning to ensure that the students are engaged and motivated throughout the year.

Let me give you a few quick updates:

Continued Professional Development (CPD) programme for teachers:

At Oakridge, we encourage lifelong learning not just in our students, but also in our teachers. Our teachers are engaged in our comprehensive CPD program, ensuring that they are updated with the latest teaching methodologies and ideas. We constantly strive to enable all teachers to innovate in the classroom, and beyond.

Cambridge IGCSE (Grade 10) results:

Congratulations to our Grade 10 students on their excellent IGCSE results in this year as well.  With 47.2% of our students achieving A*-A grades, 68% of our students achieving A*-B grades, and 74% achieving A*-C grades across all subjects, this demonstrates our students’ overall strength.

We also have one student achieving a ‘full house’ of 8 A*! Two students achieved a full house of A*-A grades.

The past two years have been highly challenging, but I am grateful to all the teachers for their hard work in preparing the students for their offline Board Examinations and for helping them achieve these results. Heartiest congratulations to all the parents!

Learning beyond the classroom:

I am sure you will agree that the use of Century tech in the last academic year has created personalized pathways for every student and robust intervention data for teachers. It has accelerated learning among our students and has improved student engagement and understanding.  I would sincerely request the parents also to encourage their child to use the Century tech program to its fullest as:

  • it instantly identifies and plugs students’ gaps in knowledge
  • pinpoints and addresses misconceptions
  • creates an AI-based adaptive pathway with learning content tailored for each student

What does your child learn through the Global Campus? – NAE Global Campus extends your child’s learning beyond the classroom and the school day. Your child can participate in various activities designed by educational experts and teachers to broaden their knowledge and nurture transferable skills valuable in school, university, and the future workplace.

We focus on Skill development and Values based education in our SDP classes (Student Development Program) class scheduled in the Time Table.

I am happy to inform you that we plan to launch the NAE expedition for 2022-23 offering a broad range of expeditions in both Tanzania and Switzerland for our high school students. I will share the details as the year progresses.

Infrastructure developments:

Significant investments are being made to further enhance your school’s world-class infrastructure and facilities this year. I am happy to inform you that students will now have exciting lunch breaks in our new world-class cafeteria and dining hall.  The new Cricket ground with a jogging track is an added feature in the sports facilities. Spacious Music and Visual Arts studios will be available this year. A Primary Science, Mathematics, and Language lab is set up to devise simple activities to give the students a hands-on experience and help them learn through observation. Also, we will be commencing our regular swimming classes from the first week of June.

School policies:

It is a reminder that all students need to be in their School uniform on the first day they return to campus. We will issue the student ID cards in a week. You must have received the School policies and Code of Conduct framework (CoC) from the Class Teacher; the students must adhere to the school policies and CoC at all times.


I am delighted to share that our student Mohithya of grade 9 is the Winner of the Nord Anglia Film festival in the Documentary category – titled Shravani the Village Girl. Please click on Global Campus to watch the film.

I am excited to inform you that OISV has been awarded a Research & Development Grant by Nord Anglia Education Charitable Giving Committee to support our ‘Save our Beaches’ student initiative. The initiative will be led by two of our Grade 12 IBDP students with the support of other students, teachers, and the Principal.

Congratulations to all the winners of the NAE Global Campus Duathlon and Triathlon Completion 2022, who have placed Oakridge on the Global leader board.

I am sure you and your child would have cherished the holidays. A hope they have also been working on completing the ‘back to school’ summer projects/ activities.

I wish you all the best for a wonderful school year and look forward to seeing you soon on Orientation Day and throughout the term.

I sincerely thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Kind regards

Shaila Bhamidipati