Oakridge MUN: Giving Way to Opinionated Individuals

  • 18 August 2022

Model United Nations or MUN is a perfect way to give students a holistic understanding of pressing global issues and formulate an opinion around them. At Oakridge International School, through MUN we offer a platform for students to develop their critical thinking, articulation, and research skills. Established in 2011, Oakridge MUN has reached over a thousand delegates over the past decade. 


Continuing the legacy, the 12th edition of Oakridge MUN, NAE-India Regional Conference was a huge success. After being conducted virtually over the past two years, the Oakridge MUN resumed physically in-campus this year. The event was held in the Oakridge Gachibowli Campus. The event witnessed a wide footfall of over 400 delegates. In this 3-day event, the halls of Oakridge Gachibowli were filled with enamoring discussions, giving way to strong opinions. It was an honor to have Mr. Jayesh Ranjan (Principle Secretary to the Government of Telangana Industries and Commerce Department) as the Chief Guest of the event and Guests of Honor- Mr. Nagaprasad Tummala (Chairman of People Combine Group), Dr. Raghuram Pillarisetti (Founder of Ushalakshmi Center for Breast Diseases at KIMS Hospital), and Ms. Elizabeth Denley (Writer and Educator at Heartfulness Education Trust and Institutes). 


This year, the organizing committee included relevant and pressing agendas for the delegates. The aim herein was to enable students to question the norms and develop critical thinking skills. We had students participating in 10 committees namely, ISEC, UNSC, JCC, ICJ, IAEA, IOM, INTERPOL, ECOSOC, Lok Sabha, and UNEP. The students actively engaged in the UNEP committee’s agenda ‘Discussing Energy Conservation and Management in accordance with Agenda 21 to Achieve Sustainable Development’. From ‘Prevention of an arms race in outer space’ to ‘the global effects of stagflation as a result of COVID-19’, the students not only debated, but researched, ideated, and took away multiple perspectives with them. 


Over the years, Oakridge MUN has built a legacy of its own. The 12th edition of the Oakridge MUN carried the same forward by nurturing ideas to confluence, allowing every delegate to present their ideas and helping them gain proficiency in international affairs and global issues. Therefore, by all means, the event turned out to be a huge success.

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