Class of 2022

  • 11 July 2022

I, Ipsita Keswani, an ex-student of Oakridge International School, Mohali feels elated to share my journey with Oakridge International School. I have been in association for 5 years and it was a great journey where I developed myself and my personality throughout.

Oakridge International School has definitely helped me in shaping my career paths and giving me opportunities throughout these 5 years. It gave me the pleasure of serving in MUN and and then training the candidates which developed my skill to tackle questions and how to answer questions. There were variety of one-on-one sessions organized by Ms. Anagha and Univariety where we could decide what path we could choose and what would be the end results of the same. They have helped me solve all my queries regarding my career and that is why today I am clear about my path and as to what I have to achieve in near future.

With the help of Oakridge International School, I am currently in Narsees Monjee Institue of Management Studies (NMIMS) and is currently pursuing BBA-Business Analytics. As a side course I am also pursuing a technical course in computers where I am currently learning C language which shall further up to Java.

I would like to thank oakridge for empowering me with the best of the best skills, giving me exposure throughout these 5 years and definitely developing my personality.

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