Update from the Principal’s Desk

  • 11 July 2024

As we wrap up the first part of this school year, I am thrilled to share some wonderful news and celebrate the exceptional work that has been taking place at our school. 

From the first day of classes, it has been evident that our students and staff have embraced the new academic year with enthusiasm and dedication. Our teachers have gone above and beyond to create engaging learning experiences, and our students have responded with curiosity and eagerness to learn. 

I am particularly proud to highlight a few achievements that truly showcase the excellence of our school community: 

SEAMI conference:

This conference brought together educators and leaders from various Nord Anglia schools, providing a platform for us to exchange experiences, share new learnings, and discuss emerging educational changes. It was an enriching opportunity for our 7 staff members to collaborate with peers from different cultural and educational backgrounds, gaining valuable insights that will undoubtedly benefit our students.  

New session:

It was exciting to see both familiar faces and new ones joining our community. We cherish the continuity of learning and growth that old faces bring, while also embracing the fresh perspectives and enthusiasm of new students and teachers.  We were thrilled to witness new students stepping up for the Student Council. From nominations to campaigning and interviews, it’s inspiring to see their dedication and leadership skills shine. Additionally, our recent Oak Spirit Week was a great success, where students not only had fun but also learned to be adaptable and flexible in various activities.  

Academic results:

We recently shared our school’s outstanding results with the community, and we couldn’t be prouder. Let’s continue this momentum, celebrating our achievements and embracing new opportunities together. The children have shown exemplary dedication and commitment throughout this journey, and their hard work has truly paid off. We are proud of their achievements. 

Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement in ensuring our students excel both academically and ethically. Together, we celebrate and look forward to more successes in the future. 

  • Examinations: The first batch of IBDP students has successfully completed their programme end examination with commendable integrity and fairness. We had an inspector visit, who was impressed by the honesty and transparency of the examination process.
  • Euro Space camp: Trip covering Switzerland, France, Germany, Brussels consisting of 17 students with a group of 3 teachers and a tour guide conducted successfully. apart from having lots of fun, students have inculcated traits like collaborative planning, team spirit ,time management and responsibility.
  • School upgrades: I am thrilled to share some exciting news regarding recent infrastructure upgrades. These improvements are designed to significantly enhance the learning environment and make the educational experience more joyful and enriching for our students. 
  • Covered Front Area: We have installed a new shed in the fountain area. This addition will provide additional shaded space during the changing weather. 
  • Corrected Boys’ Urinals: We have completed necessary corrections and improvements to the boys’ urinals in the restroom facilities. These enhancements ensure proper functionality and hygiene, contributing to a more comfortable and efficient experience for our students. 
  • New Jungle Gym: A new jungle gym installation in progress on our playground area. This exciting addition offers students a safe and engaging space for physical activity and play, promoting exercise, coordination, and social interaction among peers.
  • New DG set: Installation in progress to make sure uninterrupted teaching and learning during power cuts. 
  • Buses CCTV: To ensure the safety and security of the learners while traveling in school buses CCTVs are now upgraded to IP based CCTVs. We are excited about the positive impact these improvements, events and interactions will have on our school community and look forward to continuing to partner with you in your child’s education journey.