Principal Letter September 2022

  • 26 September 2022

Dear Parents

Hope you all are doing well.

As we complete the first term of this academic year at school I would like to look back and reflect on the ground that we covered.

Coming back from two years of Virtual and Hybrid School we saw our children enjoy in-person school. They made the best of this and we saw students making steady progress not just in core academic subjects, they reconnected with their friends and school staff – building connections and relationships.

We are seeing exceptional performances on the Sports field, in terms of Trinity exams along with the academic results. Let us appreciate all the awards and prizes that we bagged but more important is to appreciate the efforts put in by each student and the teachers. On one hand students and teachers worked to bridge the academic gaps and make progress simultaneously the secondary students were preparing for participation in the Sporting events. Balancing the two needs a lot from young students and their teachers. I would like to congratulate everyone for achieving this. The support of the parents in all this has been a key to success. So, take a moment to pause-reflect-celebrate the progress – not just the perfection but also the progress!

We are also grappling with some issues not just at school, but I am sure that this is an issue at home as we see this in the larger community across the world – the challenge of holding on to basic work ethics, language, control of social media usage and above all wellness and wellbeing. Let me assure you and take an assurance from each one of you – this is a collective responsibility of the school and the home. If we want our children to weather the pandemic in the true sense, we need to work at ensuring that our daily routines are in place. Punctuality in reaching school, adhering to the norms of the school in terms wearing the school uniform with pride, restricting the usage of social media and devices – this is our responsibility as adults. I am expecting the parent community to support the school.

Remember that children learn by observation not just by instruction – let’s be role models.

As we usher in the season of festivities and festivals, I wish you good health, prosperity and above all happiness.

Stay blessed!

Kind regards

Ramanjit Ghuman