Principal Letter October 2022

  • 28 October 2022

Dear Parents 

Hope you all are doing well and had a truly vibrant Diwali!  

Though Diwali has passed, but I would like to share some key learnings from this festival of lights, which I hope will be helpful for each one of us! 

  • When life occurs and situations are beyond our control, it’s normal to feel defeated or negative. Keeping a cheerful attitude and choosing to focus on life’s lighter and brighter aspects rather than its darker and more troubling aspects is crucial at these times. Let the sunshine of your optimistic outlook dispel the shadows of negativity! 
  • Diwali serves as a reminder that we all have the option to choose between progress and comfort. Without effort, there can be no victory, and it’s our daily decisions that open the door to development, therefore we can’t avoid them. 
  • The secret to living a happy life is to be grateful for what we have rather than complain about what we lack. Choosing positive over negative also entails a profound sense of thankfulness for what we have as opposed to complaining about what we lack. 
  • If your life is cluttered, it will be impossible for you to make room for light, knowledge, and all the goodness in the world. Consider taking the time to evaluate what’s not serving you and what needs to be removed from your life to make room for all the wonderful, similar to our custom of deep cleaning before Diwali. 
  • Last but not least, we must take time to reflect on our lives and the distance we have travelled. 

Beginning the new journey as the Principal of Oakridge International School, Mohali is truly exciting to me, and I embrace it with an open heart. Over the years, I have developed strong enthusiasm for teaching and learning and continue to put forth effort to make sure that children love school and use it as a springboard for a prosperous future. My emphasis will be on a mix of information, abilities, attitudes, and values. I am incredibly proud to be part of a school, where collaboration and respect are the key pillars.  

Looking forward to collaborate with parents and teachers to create happier stories! 

Kind Regards, 

Suman Kalra