Stretch- The Leadership Camp: Experiential Learning at its best!

  • 1 August 2022

Our risk-takers stepped out of their comfort zone to imbibe leadership skills. The senior Prefectorial Board participated in ‘Stretch’- the leadership camp organized by the school to sharpen their skills. Through a range of activities, the students were able to enhance their decision-making, problem-solving, and agility skills.

In this two-day camp organized in the outskirts of the city, students participated in multiple indoor and outdoor activities that enhanced their strength, survival skills, and coordination skills. From building a fire on the campsite, putting up a stage production, to cooking food, these activities helped students nurture their soft as well as hard skills. 

The second day of the camp tested the persistence and patience of the students through a beginner-level trek. This activity proved fundamental in honing the teamwork skills, strategy, management, and ethics of the participants. 

Ms. Sonali Roy, the Head of Experiential Learning, said, “Having individual leadership skills is important. But unless the students come together and learn to deliver a task, the purpose remains incomplete. The Stretch – Prefects Leadership Camp was organized with the purpose of challenging the students in a completely different setup, where they were expected to come together, create a bond, take away from the experience and bring new learning back to school.

The session proved fruitful for our prefects as they took away a huge amount of learning through practical experiences. They also affirmed that they would implement the takeaways from the camp in their respective roles. Students enjoyed the camp tremendously and had absolute fun. 


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