Imparting Quality Education: World’s Largest lesson

  • 9 November 2022

The World’s Largest Lesson of 2022 was conducted on the 29th of October in Oakridge International School, Gachibowli with a total of 150 students, 20 volunteers, and 2 photographers. Harini Kesamneni, UNICEF Ambassador of OIS Gachibowli alongside the other ambassador put together this event where children got the opportunity to learn of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. 


The Lesson started with 150 students from Khajaguda Government School participating in the activity. Followed by a brief introduction, we divided all the students into 16 groups where each group consisted of approximately 9 students. The students were then introduced to all the Sustainable Development Goals by a speech delivered by our CAS president followed by a video. Then a small JAM session was conducted where students were asked to talk for around 30 seconds about any SDG that they understood. After students were familiarised with the SDG, they took part in the poster-making competition. Each group was assigned an SDG to make factivism posters. The poster-making competition lasted for around an hour and everyone was declared the winner as all participants had unique views on the SDG. 


The 3rd activity was ‘Human Knot’, in this activity, the students learned the importance of goal 17- partnership for the goals. The students learnt the importance of teamwork. The students expressed their gratitude by thanking us and shaking hands. The lesson was a major success considering it to be the first event planned by us- UNICEF Ambassadors. The event was a result of all the hard work and collaboration of our volunteers and teachers. 

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