CASNIVAL – An event of ‘joy of giving’

  • 31 January 2022

Oakridge Gachibowli recently hosted their annual Oakridge CASnival, which is a mix of a Christmas carnival and a charity event, which was held after a 2-year break., The event helps to encourage the zeal in students to generate funds to help support the different causes they are part of which in turn help in developing their communities and drive social impact.

The main theme of the celebration was centered around “joy of giving”. This event was held on the school soccer grounds which was decorated and decked up with festive and inviting. The students spent day and night organising the event which included a collection of food stalls, games, dance, music, and interesting takeaways! It was truly a day for the Arts, launching prominent objects of display, a Calendar with a collection of Alumni Artworks, and the ‘re-invented’ Acorn Book, with a treasure of literary and visual works from the students of senior and junior grades of the school. The impact of the proceedings at the event was significant throughout, and the guiding force behind was the prominence given for UN- Sustainable Development Goals, which will in turn support numerous non-profit organizations. Overall the event was well received by our students, parents and staff. There were food stalls with a variety of delicacies from Gol Gappas to Pizzas. We also conducted games like rodeo bull, trampoline jumps etc., to enhance the experience of the students.  Through this event, we have collected an amount of INR 8Lakhs which will be donated to two local govt. schools, three NGOs Sparsh Hospice, Habitat for humanity, Sarah covenant house and one old age home.

One of our guest of honor for the event was Mr Akhil Akkineni,  An Indian Film Actor & Alumni . He enjoyed the whole event and shared a few words “I feel elated coming back to this campus again, the culture and the events conducted here at school are really important in a growing child’s life, which teaches them how to give back to the society”

This was truly an event which brought back the spirit of the school community – to grow, support, and thrive. Ultimately, the shared love in the event was one which has and will make it special forevermore. Here are a few words about the event from the CAS team

“CASnival is the most awaited event among the student community as they deem it as an opportunity and a privilege to brighten the lives of the children who are not as fortunate as they are.” – Shalini Samuel – CAS Coordinator

I believe the journey of Oakridge CASnival through the years has and will continue to benefit not only the school community, but also beyond. With a realistic cultural experience in festivities, I believe this was not just an event, rather a socio-cultural amalgamation of joy and fraternity!” –  Sriya Donepudi – A student ambassador of UNICEF.

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