Vibrant, Vigrous, and Vivacious: 2022 @ Oakridge, Gachibowli

  • 22 December 2022

If one thing remains constant in this world, it is the aspect of change. What started with a fight against the unprecedented third wave of Covid, transitioned into the most zealous year filled with vibrant events. From major events like Campground, Oakridge MUN to bagging Rank 1 in the Times School Ranking, here are the key highlights of the whirlwind of a year:  


We started the year by bracing ourselves for the third wave of the pandemic. The school kept on functioning in hybrid mode with multiple online activities planned for students. Throughout this, the well-being of students and staff alike was kept as priority. The PMUN was a successful event of the month.  


The students basked in the glory of February by participating in activities like Sports Fest, Community Project Showcase, and Duathlon/Triathlon competition.  


With huge support from the academic staff, the school started entering the new normal slowly. The newly elected prefectorial body of the school takes over the charge. Besides, they also immersed themselves in the colorful spirit of Holi. 


A proud moment for us as the school was awarded with the school grant funding of USD 22,370. Our school also won three prizes in the NAE Film Festival.  


The grounds of Oakridge were filled with giggles and smiles as we welcomed the new batch of nursery students. Our students also went on school trips to Munnar and Dehradun.  


Striving ahead on the path of excellence, we achieved excellent IBDP results, with a perfect score of 45. Two of our IBDP students also represented us in the UNICEF Summit. Integrating technology with the curriculum, June also witnessed the launch of DNA as a pilot project.  


Adding on to the string of achievements, we celebrated stupendous CBSE and MYP results. We also kicked off the Extended Learning Program to help the students hone their talents beyond the classroom. The senior prefectorial board also learned the principles of leadership through practical application.  


The flagship event of the year ‘Oakridge MUN’ kickstarted with absolute fervor. The event saw a wide participation of students. Besides this, the Independence Day Celebrations were a major highlight of the month.  


Our students brought laurels to the school through their landmark victories in extracurriculars and their social outreach activities. The Navratri and Dussehra celebrations were at full swing by the end of the month.  


Students returned to school after Dussehra break and actively took part in the Mental Health Week celebrations. In the most eventful month of the year, the Oakridgers enthusiastically took part in the Diwali and Halloween celebrations.  


A landmark month for us as Oakridge, Gachibowli ranked number 1 in the Times School Rankings. Embarking on the spirit of inclusivity for every student, the week-long World Children’s Day Celebrations left everyone thrilled.  


From Homecoming to the IBDP Continuum Evaluation, we ended the year in the most thriving note. It was also a month of goodbyes as we bid adieu to our Principal Ms. Hema Chennupaty and welcomed our new interim Principal Ms Dipika Rao.  

Few paragraphs cannot give justice to the myriad activities that Oakridge and Gachibowli witnessed. But it would not have been possible without the continual support of our vibrant parent community, energetic students, and dedicated members of staff. A huge thanks to one and all for their continual support!  

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