Tvisha, a girl who has grown with Oakridge
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Tvisha, a girl who has grown with Oakridge

  • 15 March 2019

Oakridger Tvisha, who was recently graduated from NYU, was part of one of the first batches of students to join Oakridge, way back in 2001. With her blue eyes and ever-smiling face, little Tvisha walked into the school each day filled with curiosity and a spirit of exploration. Over the years, Tvisha took part in many school events. She was an Academic topper, national-level swimmer, Scuba Diver, Harvard MUN Delegate, Debater, the youngest member of NYU MUNC team, City/District level Chess player, Dancer and more.

Tvisha always believed in taking an active part in activities beyond academic studies. She was on the Prefect council and executive board members and has attended 9 MUNs including 2 MITMUN, 2 OAKMUN, Ecole Mondiale MUN, and 2 Harvard MUN Hyderabad. She had participated in Elocution and Debate competition, debated at the Oxford Union during Oxford and Cambridge summer school.

Tvisha Oakridge

She had a keen interest in the French language and has been learning the language during her 11 academic years at Oakridge, one of the top IB Schools in Hyderabad. She possesses Barcelona and Paris immersive cultural experience through Oakridge. She even started mentoring and tutoring kids in French in Francophone Exchange Program at NYU.

She also gained industry exposure during her internship with PWC and always was a champion for the social cause. Tvisha has been handling and volunteering multiple CAS activities and school events as the CAS Prefect at Oakridge, during which she organized a Health Awareness drive for underprivileged children, as well as voting awareness drive for the students. This apart, she addressed the lack of accessibility to food to areas experiencing scarcity with the help of the Nandi Foundation.

Let’s hear it from her on what it takes to make it a success in life.

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