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Designing the future: Importance of design as a subject in IB

  • 29 August 2022

‘Creativity requires the courage to let go of the certainities’ 

Eric Fromm 


Charting into uncertain realms, humankind has never failed to surprise us with its sheer creativity. It is indeed a state of wonder to witness every new wonder churning out around us. But in this process, do we, as the beneficiaries of such inventions, really understand the backend process of the same? Thereby, it becomes important to understand the necessity of design as a topic in our day-to-day lives and even in our curriculum. 


If we were to think about the process, in the face of any problem, designing the solution comes to the fore. This is to say that the necessity for design as a subject remains essential for the betterment of society. A case in point is the evolution of the bicycle and its form. From the velocipede to the modern-day geared bicycles, this very transition happened as the user identified the problems and the designer rectified the same through innovative solutions. In this regard, it becomes important for us to understand the MYP design cycle. 


MYP Design Cycle 


The MYP Design Cycle entails a four-step process that helps students navigate through the creative process and acquire appropriate decision-making, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Here are four steps into the process: 


  • Inquiring and Analysing 

This step is the first in the process that involves identifying the problem, explaining, and justifying the need. Thereby, students go on to conduct primary and secondary research. This leads to analyzing existing products and ultimately developing a design brief. 


  • Developing Ideas 

The second stage involves lots of brainstorming. From developing design ideas, and design specifications to presenting the chosen design, this phase is all about materializing the plan. It is about concretizing ideas and coming up with a workable solution. 


  • Creating the Solution 

This leads to the most important part of the project, that is, creating the solution. This stage involves the application of lots of creativity. In fact, it is in this stage that a lot of trial and error happens. 


  • Evaluating 

The next stage consists of explaining the impact of the solution and how it can be improved. Thereon, one needs to evaluate the success of the solution. This is followed by designing the testing methods for the project. 

Considering all these aspects, our MYP students have come up with some extremely ingenious projects over the years. From their personal insignias, and board games, to a robotic arm, the students have manifested their creativity in this innovation in every project. The MYP design curriculum indeed hones innovation and problem-solving skills among the students. 


By Yagnasree Ielani 

Subject Expert- Design 

Steam Champ- MYP

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