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Impact of Multidisciplinary Learning

  • 24 May 2022

“In the longer run and for wide-reaching issues, more creative solutions tend to come from imaginative interdisciplinary collaboration”

– Robert J. Schiller, Nobel Prize Winning Economist

MYP interdisciplinary learning is a cross-disciplinary learning approach that helps students better comprehend, combine, and cross-pollinate ideas across multiple disciplines to clarify thinking and build better understanding.   The approach helps students bring together concepts, methods, or forms of communication from two or more disciplines – or established areas of expertise. Unlike traditional learning tactics, the approach helps students explain, create or question new material helping students take ownership of their learning process.

Curriculum design and assessment of student performance through this approach rely on three key principles. It needs to be purposeful, grounded in the disciplines and integrative of MYP values. Interdisciplinary learning for a plethora of reasons is validated by experienced teachers and faculties.  To mention a few, it helps build on students’ holistic knowledge, prepares students to become lifelong learners and adaptable problem solvers, helps students create an intellectually rigorous worldview, prepares students to understand and address global issues.

Today, we judge the quality of a curriculum not just by the standards of instruction but by the flexibility to help students own their learning process to build solid deep mental knowledge chunks. In today’s society, we believe that, today’s youth must collaborate with people across the globe, proactively participate in the regional and global issues – such as , the environment, climate change and sustainability – care for mind, body and well-being, and become reflective learners in a society that’s ever-driven by evolution and change. To address such necessities, the MYP curriculum model helps Students bridge the gap between in-class learnings and societies pressing questions.

Overall, the programme helps students to more deeply imbibe content while enabling them to engage in combinatory play, an important process to accentuate adolescents’ development and build the workforce of the next generation.

Usha Bharatula
MYP Head of Faculty [Language & Literature]  
Grade 6,7,8.
House Master [CV Raman House]



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