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Experience at Oakridge

  • 23 August 2022

I joined Oakridge International School, Bachupally in 2014 and it has been quite the journey since then. Right from my 4th grade- the primary years to my current grade 12- senior years, the experience has been great. Oakridge has played a huge role in shaping my personality. I have grown immensely, personally and professionally over the past years being in this institution.

I was first introduced to the concept of having a student body in school in the form of Prefects in my first year here and I remember being so fascinated. Today, leadership is a strong pursuit of mine, and credit for that goes to Oakridge. Right from a young age, we are taught important life skills and also ways to overcome our fears and get out of our comfort zones and explore.

Oakridge also gave me my first experience of MUNs which I’m deeply passionate about now. It built my confidence and public speaking skills which are highly essential in today’s world. I was also the NAE- UNICEF Ambassador in 2021 for which I attended the UNICEF Youth Summit representing Oakridge and India on a global platform. I got to interact with actual representatives of the UN I had only read about in the news up until then. The opportunities that I’ve listed here are just a few examples of the very many extra-curricular I’ve gotten to do over the years. I’ve learned to push my limits and work hard here and I’ll take this with me wherever I go.

Being in my final year of school, I do have a few expectations from the school. A proper balance of academics and extra-curricular activities is vital to me and a lot of my peers. I believe this should be considered so that we score well on tests and also manage our hobbies alongside. Along with that, the student community is strong and always ready to take up new tasks and start initiatives. So, support from the school for all student-driven projects can help motivate and inspire many.

The academic and holistic development of each child at Oakridge is a highly noticeable amount and for that very reason, along with the beautiful campus we have, is why I’ve loved being here for the past 8 years.



Vaishnavi Namdar

Student – Grade 12

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