Boxes of Love – The inspiring story of Oakridge Student Hero Arjun
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Boxes of Love – The inspiring story of Oakridge Student Hero Arjun

  • 10 November 2020

Our world is going through some challenging times. But it is at these moments that caring for one another becomes most vital, as it is only together that we can survive and win this battle. Students across Oakridge International Schools are doing their bit to help their immediate communities in any little way possible. Their acts, we hope will inspire others to step forward and do their bit. They are truly our Student Heroes of today.

Here is the story of Arjun from Oakridge International School Gachibowli from our series of Student Heroes.

While a lot of us are thinking about how to spend the day or activities to keep us engaged or recipes to try out. For many out there, these are luxuries they cannot afford. With companies, factories and businesses closed, lakhs of daily wage earners and migrant workers are facing some hard times. With very little or almost no income in hand and no way to go back to their hometowns, they are struggling to get through each day.

Arjun of Grade 3 from Oakridge International School, Gachibowli, was following these stories and saw the plight of these workers. He wanted to do anything little possible within his nearby vicinity to at least help some of these people in need.

Hundreds of workers and daily wage earners were taking temporary shelter near a railway station close to his house. Getting 3 meals a day for them was not easy at all. Arjun along with his family decided that they could have boxes of meals delivered to them, so that they can have a hearty nutritious meal at-least once during the day. All his family members came together, they packed over 50 food boxes each day and had it distributed to those living near the railway station. The food boxes were packed with Rice, Dal, Chappati, and Pickle along with a cup of Tea. Arjun did all these while he was attending virtual classes online.

“I am really happy that I could make a small difference to people lives with my act. Me and my family want to continue doing this as much as we can. I am also encouraging my neighbors and friends to make these little boxes of food. I also plan to make masks at home and send them to where it is needed” says Arjun.

“Through our Community Action Service initiatives and programs at school , we develop values of empathy and responsibility in our students. To see Arjun take this initiative along with this family , is truly a rewarding moment for us.It is important that we reach out a helping hand to each other in these difficult times.” says Hema Chennupaty, Principal, Oakridge International School Gachibowli.

“At times of such sickness, when my family and I saw how people were stuck starving and away from their homes, our first thought was what can we do. Sitting in our homes we have the luxury to whine over boredom, but we saw those who had no support and awaiting in anticipation and hope. An effort my son wanted to be a part of specially. He would suggest what and how we should make and give. We sent out 50 food boxes daily and tea as well. It’s just a small effort we realize but gave us immense happiness” said his mother Suparna Dhaduvai.

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