Learning and Development

The quality of teachers at a school is the single most important factor in determining the success of your child. Our teacher training maintains the highest standards. By investing in the highest standards of teacher training, and contemporary teacher training programs, we are able to ensure that our staff are able to deliver an exceptional education to your child. Our teacher training and continuous professional development for staff takes a number of forms.

Our teachers around the world are connected through Nord Anglia University to continually share and set new standards of best practice as part of a professional community. Exclusive to our employees, it gives teachers and staff a vast array of seminars, online courses and workshops, enabling teachers to keep up to date with the latest educational thinking and approaches. 

Nord Anglia



Leading international education with King’s College London

Our innovative Executive Master’s in International Education is a part-time programme specifically designed for teachers working in international schools worldwide. The programme will focus on

developing participants’ understanding of effective school leadership in international education.

Informal Learning and Networks

Also through Nord Anglia University our teachers have access to online discussions and more informal forums with their peers. Through these they can exchange best practice ideas and lesson planning suggestions to ensure the highest standards.  Through Nord Anglia University our teachers may also, if they wish, lead their own research projects to help advance their own knowledge and the teaching profession more widely. 

Cross Campus Collaboration

Our teachers work across the five campuses in close partnership to improve standards and learn from one another. This offers a global schedule of workshops, conferences and other events to help the finest teachers in the world learn from one another and world leading educationalists.