Message from the principal

A very warm welcome to Oakridge International School Mohali. I am Ramanjit Ghuman, the Principal of the School and I have had the privilege of leading the school since the past five years.

I am very passionate about teaching- learning and keep working at ensuring that the school years of children are happy and serve as a launchpad for a successful life ahead. My focus is on a blend of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes. I am extremely proud of our school culture that rests on respect and collaboration. Our school community of staff and parents engage and work together so that our children get the best learning experience.

What makes our school unique is our outlook towards the child and learning. We believe that every moment should be one of learning – be it in class or outside. In that sense we are truly child-centric. Being a part of a well-established chain of International Schools we benchmark all academic and co-curricular engagements. Oakridgers are knowledgeable , balanced communicators who will make a difference in the world as they step out from school. We also leverage technology and our fully wi-fi enabled world class infrastructure and our approach to EdTech aids learning. This has been especially evident in the quality of our Virtual School Experience. Even in the most turbulent of times of the pandemic we ensured that our students had access to the high quality teaching- learning experience just as they would have had in the regular school. Being a Nord Anglia Education school, our students have the advantage of learning together along with more than 69600 students of 73 schools around the world through ‘Global Campus’ – our online learning portal.

I am extremely proud of our staff as they are life-long learners. We put in tremendous effort in staying updated with pedagogy and our teachers undergo rigorous training and professional development. The Nord Anglia University offers them opportunities to upgrade their skills continuously. This is helping us in delivering transformative learning that goes beyond the traditional approach. Our teachers are well equipped to deliver this in every mode – physical school, Virtual School or in the blended/hybrid mode.

For learning to happen every child needs an environment that is physically and emotionally safe. The school culture at Oakridge is such that every child matters and every voice is heard. We have Safeguarding policies that are internationally benchmarked and child safety and well-being has our focus at all times.

We are ambitious for our students and we offer varied opportunities so that our students can hone their skills. Our endeavour is that children should be the best that they can. The rigour in academics along with planning for the future is helping us create a roadmap for students beyond school. This starts right from Early Years. Our international curriculum -IBPYP, in the Primary years helps students to make best use of the concept based curriculum driven by inquiry. This continues into our Secondary and Senior Secondary where the Cambridge curriculum and the enhanced pedagogy  in CBSE curriculum helps to foster and nurture students who are caring, empathic as well as achievers in their own domains. Our focus on university placements and nurturing of 21st century skills ensures that our students are ready to face the future.

We foster international minded learners who are empathic and embrace diversity. Our students get opportunities to reflect and act on the issues faced by humanity and they are ready to move ahead in a world where geographical boundaries do not limit any child’s potential.

I invite you to visit our school and experience our warm caring environment along with the outstanding teaching-learning that happens at school.

Kind regards,

Ramanjit Ghuman

Principal, Oakridge International School, Mohali