Ms. Sudeshna Bhattacharya, PhD

  • 23 April 2021

Winner of the Outstanding Educator award by the University of Chicago, Sudeshna has been with Oakridge for 15 years now. A history teacher for DP with a Ph.D, she is also an IB workshop leader, member of History and Extended essay curriculum review committee apart from being a senior examiner for IBO. Very recently she has been appointed by IB as a consultant to work on a IB Pilot project in Professional development. She has had the privilege of attending many IB Workshops held in various countries.

Our students have benefited immensely under her mentorship and guidance. Her student Mahati Potharaju (Class of 2020) says “I am incredibly lucky to have had Ms. Sudeshna as my mentor for the extended essay. The skills that I’ve learned from her, will aid me in all of my research work in the future. My experience with the Extended Essay has been a tough journey, but her expertise has aided me in not only understanding the process but also in developing long-term skills to excel in academia.”