Ms. Aruna Rajkumari

  • 23 April 2021

In the year 1998, it was by dint of chance that I took up teaching. But, today, as I reflect my years of teaching I am very grateful to have made it a choice.

With every growing years of teaching I am able to identify my students and their needs as per the existing time period. I realized that gaining their confidence towards me and my Subject and to share a complete connectivity with them is very essential to make them enthusiastic to learn.

To teach Social Science, I believe in adopting an interactive or democratic approach in the teaching and learning process in which students develop analytical and reasoning skills. Making relevant connections of the lesson with current affairs and news updates on politics, social issues, economic crisis during the pandemic, etc. enables my students to debate and reason out appropriately. Projects and assignments give ample opportunities to them to present their learning in a fun and creative way. It is very satisfying to see students explore and learn new modes of presentation using technology and make studies very interesting.

Motivation is another key and major factor in making the students bring out their best. It is very important to help students achieve their short and long term goals with consistent motivation and appreciation. Just as much as I look forward to connecting with my students, they look forward to attend my class and await interesting discussions to happen.