Principal’s Desk Update – September 2021

  • 15 September 2021

Dear Parents,

We are excited to have our students back in school. In the past few months, even when the world came to a halt, it was the education that continued.
Changes are inevitable and teachers and students across the globe have successfully and efficiently adapted to the ever-evolving system of education.

From a typical traditional classroom with digital support, we, along with the entire world, had to switch to the digital classrooms during the unprecedented lockdown. Now that the things are getting better and we are learning to steer through the new normal, we have the blended mode of learning as an emerging dimension to the education process — a merging of physical and digital learning spaces for a personalized learning approach for the student. A system of learning that goes on, regardless of situation and place—-now that’s exciting! This mode of learning has made it possible for students to attend the classes without missing on learning either due to sickness or travel. A hybrid or a blended class room enables the students to attend the school by being physically present in the school premises and also allows the students to attend the school virtually from their homes or a remote location. At Oakridge, teachers are trained to manage the blended classrooms efficiently with the help of required set of hardware. Various tools are being incorporated to aid the teachers to manage the class and track the progress of student learning.

When digital mode of learning made its way into the traditional classrooms, the self-paced customized learning was thought to be a huge bonus of this combination. Aiding teachers in analyzing and evaluating each student’s performance and also saving them time to modify their teaching strategies as per the students’ progress. We at oakridge have already collaborated with CENTURY TECH, a web based tool that combines learning science, Artificial Intelligence and neuroscience to analyze and evaluate students’ progress in Math, Science and English. Our students are loving it and teachers are happy to see the progress they are making.

To prepare our students to be future ready, besides academic progress, learning of life skills is the need of the hour. We have incorporated the usage of Callido learning that empowers students with a structured, measured and intentional approach to critical thinking, research, problem-solving and writing skills. We are making a steady progress with blended classrooms that focuses on student engagement and enhancement of collaborative learning. Blended mode of learning is here to stay. With quick analysis of students’ progress, aiding in better understanding of lessons, and making up for the student’s missed classes or aiding them to attend school remotely, the role of positive technology is quite impactful in the education system. Blended classrooms enables the learners to imbibe knowledge effectively and efficiently and what can be more rewarding for our educators than this!

We look forward to making blended classrooms even more stimulating by implementing various effective ways of smart learning. Teachers’ excitement, students’ involvement and parents’ satisfaction are the key outcomes of blended classrooms. It is definitely an amzing combination. This is an interesting facet of the ‘new normal’.


Warm Regards
Hema Chennupaty