Principal’s Desk Update- March 2023

  • 16 March 2023

Dear Parents,

March is a busy month for school from academic perspective as on one hand we are getting ready to begin the new session for CBSE learners on 23rd March and on the other end we are moving towards MYP & DP final assessments. It is indeed a time when Oakridge community is in a state of momentum to ensure smooth execution of all academic processes pertaining to starting and concluding of academic years for the two curricula offered.

There is no greater time to celebrate student learning than assessment cycle which is intended to encourage students to take ownership and responsibility of their learning, upgrade ad showcase their skills, accept feedback and reflect on the outcome to design new scaffolds for the next stage in their academic journey. We encourage you to view this assessment cycle as a positive and joyful experience which will enrich your understanding of your aptitude, abilities, skills and action taken towards attainment of set goals.

The PYP is gearing up for their academic showcase as the PYP Exhibition. We also have Graduation Days lined up for multiple grades. It would be great to see our students step into the next stage of life equipped with knowledge, skills, confidence and wisdom that Oakridge has imparted through its constant efforts.

As I engage with a very aware and active parent community, I am becoming intensely aware of our strengths as well as areas that need scaffolding and improvement. Excellence is not merely an aspiration but a reality that we are constantly working towards. Parental feedback in this effort helps us to improve communication, collaboration and joint effort that all stakeholders put in towards moving Oakridge towards the next level of excellence. Let us stay connected and create the best learning experiences for our students that will give them both wings and roots.


Ms Dipika Rao

Principal, Oakridge International School, Gachibowli