Principal’s Desk Update – August 2022

  • 10 August 2022

Dear Parents

August has knocked at our doors in sheer glory! Our students in CBSE and MYP segments have made us proud by bagging wonderful results. In CBSE grade 12th results we achieved an average score of 78.7%, and in grade 10th, we bagged an average of 78.6%. Our highest scores for grades 12th and 10th were 98% and 98.4%, respectively.

Our MYP students also achieved a landmark feat in their results. Two of our students bagged the top score of 55, whereas 22.3% of students scored 50 points and above. In a notable achievement, Oakridge, Gachibowli achieved an average of 78.6%. We will soon be ready to felicitate our top achievers through Prize Day.

The campus is bustling with life again, we have a myriad of activities throughout the grades. Our prefectorial board went on a leadership camp in the city outskirts and acquired multiple soft and hard skills. To provide an immersive learning experience, we organized the landmark event of this month- Oakridge MUN. This year, we saw the footfall of over 500 delegates participating in the MUN. We also had our DP students participating in the TOK Exhibition, engaging in the immersive discussion. Moreover, our little learners from PYP went on a Heritage Walk and learned about the rich cultural heritage of our City of Nizams. Our students are all geared up to master the art of critical thinking through Callido Learning, an initiative sponsored by the school. We also have our DP students set to perform John Keats’ ‘Hyperion’.

In a bid to give the Oakridgers a wholesome learning experience through sports and extracurriculars, we are resuming the after school Extended Learning Program for grades 4th to 12th. This is going to be a great opportunity for our students to explore and enhance their talents. My very best wishes to them!

This August also marks the onset of India’s 75th Independence Day Celebrations. With the spirit of independence looming in the air, we have a variety of activities planned throughout the week. We look forward to the grand celebrations on campus!

It is a delight to see our students, filled with enthusiasm, settling back on campus and gearing back in action. With the festive season knocking on our doors, I hope you have the most enjoyable month ahead!

Warm regards

Hema Chennupaty