Principal’s Desk Update – June 2023

  • 16 June 2023

Dear Parents,

As new beginnings unfold so do new adventures and learning. Let us make this new academic year a milestone of growth, collaboration, and success.

As I welcome you back to school with joy and anticipation I would like to take this opportunity to share that we have added six new sections, upgraded Chemistry Lab as per IB specifications, initiated school painting , added new Library resources and inducted new staff to ensure seamless and safe space for continuous improvement of both infrastructure and human resource.

Our summer break has been a busy time with a successfully concluded summer camp and the NAE Trekking Expedition to Switzerland that proved to be an extraordinary experience for our young trekkers. The experience helped them to hone invaluable life skills of self-management, problem-solving and leadership besides forming strong bonds of friendship and shared goals. As they adapted themselves to challenging conditions during the trek, they learned to deal with limits they placed on themselves and move ahead with faith and optimism

Our next initiative is no less exciting as we prepare to host the Venture for All® – Global Entrepreneurship Program for our students of Grades 8 to 11 commencing on 03 July 2023. This program brings forth the frameworks and teachings of the highly esteemed ‘Launch Your Startup’ course from Columbia Business School’s MBA program, catering to students with a deep passion for entrepreneurship and business. I strongly encourage students to make use of this opportunity and add to their preparation of life in the current times.

We will be celebrating our CBSE results on Prize Day this month by felicitating our top performers while anticipating another joyful celebration lined up next month after the IBDP results. For us every graduating student is a winner for he/she walks out in the world with values that define an Oakridger.

I truly appreciate and respect our association that helps us support student development effectively. I look forward to this year with new hope of celebrating the power of our young students more often and greater opportunities to connect over a shared cup of coffee and good cheer.

Warm Regards,
Ms. Dipika Rao
Oakridge International School, Gachibowli