Negotium 2.0 – The Business Pitching Competition Elevating Ingenuity

  • 11 August 2023

Let us journey into the recent highlight that has carved its significance into our school’s extracurricular life – Negotium 2.0. Building on the triumph of its debut last year, Negotium returned this year, offering a platform for budding entrepreneurs to flourish and innovate.

Conceptualised and executed by our CBSE Grade 12 students, Negotium 2.0 was inspired by the acclaimed TV show Shark Tank. It welcomed participants from Grades 10, 11, and 12, across MYP, CBSE, and IB curricula, resulting in an event that was both enriching and invigorating.

From a pool of nearly 40 teams, 7 emerged as finalists and presented their ideas to a distinguished panel of judges. This esteemed panel included Mr. Amit Shah, co-founder of Cream Stones and its affiliates, Mr. Mithun Chand, Director of Kaveri Seeds, Ms. Ashita Nawalgaria, and the school’s accomplished alumni Mr. Shivank Kedia, and Ms. Anuusha Reddy.

The event resonated with innovative ideas spanning various sectors. Ranging from revolutionary AI fashion apps to footwear that can convert your mechanical energy to charge your mobile phones, the presentations mirrored the current dynamic business landscape.

The highlight of Negotium 2.0 was the recognition of the winning team, “Crown of Edun,” from the Grade 10 MYP. Their pioneering concept was an AI-powered gaming app aimed toward making learning fun. This win underscored the event’s theme of innovation and the potential for transformative ideas cultivated within our school.

Beyond the innovation and creativity, Negotium 2.0 symbolised the students’ resilience and dedication. The rigorous preparation invested by both student organisers and participants underscored the event’s role as a vessel to foster entrepreneurial spirit.

In conclusion, Negotium 2.0 swept us off our feet, leaving us in awe of the business acumen and boundless creativity that our students possess. There’s no denying that the future is in capable hands. As the curtains close on this chapter, we eagerly await the next instalment of Negotium, where the next generation of businessmen will rise, shine, and revolutionize the world!