Investiture Ceremony 2022

  • 10 May 2022

Serve with Pride, Lead with Confidence!

Investiture Ceremony is an occasion where newly elected Prefect Body of Student Council  steps into the leadership role and takes an oath to deliver their duties promptly thus striving to impact the school community positively on the success path. The young leaders not only guide but also inspire other students on how to make a difference with their strategic planning,  problem-solving, organisational and  communication skills 

The ‘Investiture Ceremony’ for academic year 2022-23  was held on 6th may 2022 with great solemnity. There was an aura of expectancy as the beaming faces of the selected student council members marched into the gathering. The occasion was attended by the proud parents of the elected Student Council Members, where the latter were bestowed upon with the responsibility and they received their  prestigious badges and sash from the Principal Ms. Hema Chennupaty, Head of MYP Ms. Sweta Verma, Coordinators and House Masters. The Prefect Council Members then administered the oath where in students pledged to serve the school and fulfill their responsibilities to the best of their abilities. 

Prefect Position List 2022- 23

School Captain Kedar Veerareddy
School Vice-Captain Janaki Nair
School Vice-Captain Jhanvi Gupta
The Student Council
Council President (Girl) Ananya Anand Wasker
Council President ( Boy) Aashish Gottumukkale
Vice President Prerana Vaishnavi Srinivasan
Vice President Aditya Kollipara
Secretary Shourya Kadam
Secretary Riddhi Reddy
CAS Team
President Himanshu Rao Kalvakuntla
Vice President Pranav Manasani
Secretary – CAS Aditi Mullapudi
Secretary – CAS Neha Prakash
Secretary – Green Rangers Rumsha Arafat
Secretary – Spoorthi Neysa Agarwal
House Prefects
Captain – CVR Vaibhav Prajapati
Vice-Captain CVR Tanvi Rudraraju
Prefect CVR Adithi Gottumukula
Captain – AS Ananya Reddy Vasantha
Vice-Captain AS Akshita Kaza
Prefect AS Amshu Sahishna Vengala
Captain – RT Ishan Amit Dhodapkar
Vice-Captain RT Aryan Khicha
Prefect RT Kangan Agarwal
Captain – MT Harini Kandru
Vice-Captain MT Anikritha Chowdary Musunuri
Prefect MT Krishna Agarwal
Creative and Cultural Team
President Nayana Naineni
Vice President Sahiti Rama Peela
Secretary Gyana Geethika
Sports Captain Rishul Pakala
Sports Vice-Captain Aryaki Reddy Sarikonda
Sports Vice-Captain Raul Chellani


Hearty congratulations to the elected members of the prefect team. We wish them all the very best!!

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