Health and Wellness Camp for the Underprivileged

  • 11 April 2022

World Health Day 2022 was commemorated by Oakridgers with service towards a healthy community. Students of DP1  organised a Wellness and Health drive for students from a local government school. As an extension of Sustainability Development Goal (SDG3), the students set up a general health and wellness camp within the school premises and invited around one hundred underprivileged  students to come and take part in this drive.

The camp  also focussed on spreading awareness on health and hygiene. Health  checkup of the children was performed by  two general physicians that included an eye checkup, a dental hygiene checkup, a check of their height and weight (subsequently their BMI) as well as a general checkup.

The main purpose of the drive was to spread health and hygiene awareness among the students alongside making healthcare more accessible. Oakridgers spread awareness on hygiene with demonstrations by DP-1 students about the various handwashing techniques alongside infographics about hygiene measures. Additionally, there was a focus on general stamina as well with volunteers teaching the students aerobics, warm-up exercises and more information about general health measures. Despite the evident positives, it was noted that there was a grave concern over the BMI of the students. Many of them presented with malnutrition and were severely underweight. In a bid to combat this, Oakridgers have taken a note of the treatment plans prescribed by the doctors (for individual students) and they look forward to extending their support to these students.

Post the check up, DP1 volunteers put together  dance performances for the guest students and created a warm and fun environment for them with snacks being  served. This marked the end of the multi-faceted Wellness Drive on a high note.

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