Compassionate Oakridgers Making A Difference

  • 27 July 2023

As part of CAS, Oakridge International school Gachibowli students have been on regular visits to Keshavnagar Govt school since 2016 to teach the students as part of Spoorthi Programme. During the visits the school students donated books for the library,  stationery, clothes, and toys. They also conducted summer camps and free medical camps and Art sessions every year. However, the school needed infrastructural and Sanitation development which was costly affair.

Himanshu – Class of 2023 and the CAS President for the year 2022-23 along with his peers, CAS prefects decided they would raise funds to renovate the school. So the school conducted two mega fundraisers – – Homecoming and CASnival and with the collected funds and funds raised from other corporates’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) the school was renovated with the best of the facilities. Provision of benches, construction of toilets, lunch room, Audio visual room, library, etc was done. 

The renovated school was inaugurated by Education Minister P. Sabitha Indra Reddy and Principal of Oakridge, Gachibowli, Ms.Dipika Rao on 12 July 2023.  At such tender age the students of Oakridge have proven their compassion and their ability to make a difference.

The Education Minister appreciated the students for doing their part in improving the society.