Rukmani Kumar

  • 29 April 2024

Rukmani Kumar is a seasoned educator with over 22 years of teaching experience across several esteemed institutions in India. Since joining Oakridge Gachibowli in 2013 as a Senior Secondary Physics Educator, Rukmani has exhibited unwavering dedication and proficiency in her role. In recognition of her exceptional leadership qualities and teaching prowess, she ascended to the position of Team Lead for the CBSE Senior Segment in 2015, subsequently advancing to the role of Academic Coordinator in 2017.

An extroverted and self-motivated individual, Rukmani is renowned for her adeptness in administration and her genuine passion for teaching. Throughout her tenure as Coordinator, she has consistently achieved outstanding academic results, emphasizing the importance of student-led initiatives to enhance their profiles. Rukmani firmly believes in fostering meaningful connections with her colleagues, parents, and students, thereby cultivating a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

With a distinguished academic background, Rukmani holds a Post-Graduate Gold Medal in Physics and a Bachelor’s in Education from Bangalore University. She has further enriched her expertise by obtaining a Green Belt Certificate in Global Career Counseling from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA Ext), in collaboration with Univariety. Moreover, she has successfully completed the Senior Leadership Programme with the Nord Anglia University, further honing her leadership skills.