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Give wings to your child’s highest aspirations.

  • 25 July 2022

Senior Secondary years are full of learning and new experiences for all the students. This is the time that they start working towards their college planning and their career goals. We must start working on the profile of the students from as early as Grade 8. Introducing them to various careers and the path that they need to follow to pursue a career of their choice. At grade 10 level, they have been guided with the selection of subjects’ basis their career aspirations and their interest in the subjects.

Charting out a career path once they have decided upon the subjects they wish to pursue in grades 11 and 12. Along with academics, students must take up extra-curricular activities as per their interests to build a strong profile. Pursuing activities that are related to their career aspirations takes them closer to their dreams.

Parents who have sown the seeds of aspirations early on, see visible results and transformation in their child from grade 11 onwards. Students are required to demonstrate visible progress in all the activities that they might have taken up in Grades 7 or  8.

Every child who comes to Oakridge with the dreams of a bright future ahead gets every opportunity to shine on and move closer to their goals. At Oakridge, it is all about “Being Ambitious”. We train the students to take risks and become expert problem solvers. From an early age, they are exposed to the global culture as we are a Nord Anglia Education school and students get to interact and compete with students from 77 international schools across the globe. They also benefit because of the international collaboration with MIT, UNICEF, and Juilliard. They work relentlessly to balance their academic and non-academic profiles.

One of our students from Grade 12 who wanted to pursue a career in Healthcare, started building her profile by interning under the doctors to learn more about the industry. She also worked in collaboration with university faculties on various research papers which were published in journals. Her research work led her toward innovation and she was able to come up with ideas that could be patented. In her pursuit of creating awareness for good health, she started the “Health Ambassador” project in the school. The student from the class of 2022 will be studying Bioengineering with Business and Economics at California Institute of Technology, USA.



Sonia Prasad

Certified Career Counselor

Oakridge Bachupally

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