#Mychildtaughtme Diaries

#Mychildtaughtme Diaries

#Mychildtaughtme Diaries have really shown us that Oakridgers make us proud and over the past few weeks, We have been overwhelmed seeing the responses of parents. Their belief in us was evident with them sending us messages and emails to share real stories of what their child taught me. This really made our #Mychildtaughtme initiative amazing.

This amazing response made us come up with the idea of doing a #Mychildtaughtme Contest. The contest will encourage you to share your responses and we will compile the best of them.

What’s more, we have a grand prize in store for you. So please send in your entries at mychildtaughtme@gmail.com and we would love to hear your proud moments.

Trust us, there is nothing more important than our Oakridgers and their gestures helping influence others.

Hurry! Eagerly awaiting your entries.

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