The Next Generation Takes Flight: Class of 2023 Graduation at Oakridge Bachupally

  • 26 April 2023

Oakridge International School Bachupally recently held their graduation ceremony, with over 90 students graduating this year, securing offers and placements in some of the top world universities like Michigan state university, University of Manchester, Penn State University, University of Illinois Chicago and many more across the globe. These students go on to join the prestigious Oakridge Alumni of over 2500+ students that have graduated across Oakridge schools over the years. 

“It is delightful to see the students graduate and embark on a new chapter in their lives. Their success is a testament to the school’s values and dedication to fostering an environment of excellence. Congratulations to each one of them!” says Principal Baljeet Oberoi 

This momentous occasion marked the hard work and dedication of the students, and the school is proud to have equipped these young learners with the knowledge and skills to become responsible global citizens ready to take on the world’s challenges. 


The experienced faculty at Oakridge helps to provide the right guidance to students, helping them consistently achieve outstanding results and placements into the world’s leading universities. In addition to that, Oakridge students have various opportunities to take part in events, competitions, and challenges at a national and global level, thereby helping them gain confidence in their abilities through exposure to a big stage. 

Tejendra Varma, a recent graduate during the ceremony, expressed his gratitude towards the school for providing him with invaluable education, opportunities, and guidance. “I cannot thank Oakridge Bachupally enough for preparing me to take on the world’s challenges.” He credits the school’s faculty for their support and the exposure to various events and competitions, which helped him develop confidence in his abilities. 

Navneet Kaur, CBSE Head at Oakridge Bachupally, says, “The university offers received by the students demonstrate their dedication and hard work. We congratulate them on their success and wish them the best for their future.” 

“The students have displayed impressive academic achievements and have been involved in a range of activities that have allowed them to develop as well-rounded individuals. The school is confident that they will positively impact society.”, added Mr. Sai Krishna, Head of the IBDP Program at Oakridge Bachupally.  

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