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The Power of Global Education: Building a Better World

  • 28 August 2023

In today’s times, the world is connected so closely, and networking cannot be embellished. The power of global education is letting the world get closer to each other and build relationships, which has been the key to normal functionality lately. This has given nations and GenZ more space for acceptance of various cultures and people. Global Education has elevated the major shift of mindsets and change from traditional classrooms to open classrooms and create more self-directed learners.

  • Global Learning: Introduction of Global learning has taken over the local learning by equipping the students today to explore more of the different nations, their personalities who have created new changes, their culture and traditions, their languages, rich heritage, life then, and now. Being into the creation of self-directed learners, the world admires them today in the way they have proved to be agentic learners and accepting diversity with both mutual respect and open arms.
  • 21st Century Skills: SDGs play a vital role in the transformation of learning and teaching, giving the power to use the agency as per the priority which develops and enhances the 21st Century Skills. Among these skills, Communication, Critical thinking, and Research skills play a vital role, along with the other skills.
  • Global Issues: Rise in global issues has created heightened mindfulness that has endowed the GenZ today to take up the rising challenges and collaboratively find solutions, starting with the local environment to the global environment. Global education has given the students today more opportunities to grow and use their agency to come up with sundry awareness campaigns, which makes them critical thinkers and more compassionate.
  • Sense of Belongingness: The power of Global Education has created a sense of belongingness among the students today with the varied regions of the universe reaching out to different parts of the world with assorted societies. The increase in sensitivity towards world issues has given them the zeal to give more to the world and to believe to make the world a better place to live in.

In conclusion, the power in education has given the most delicate resource we have with us, which is the Student Community. This community has immense exposure to the diversified nations in the form of teacher and student exchange programs, migrations for better living, further research programs have led to a rise in world economies, recognition of the unknown on the world map, flair to be multilingual, accepting others by reflecting the IB Learner Profile-Open-Mindedness, finding better alternatives to the challenges faced with their Research and Critical Thinking Skills.

Let’s apprehend the young minds with this Power of Global Education to see more Real-Life Heroes making the World a Better Place!