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Oakpreneur: Inspiring the Next Generation of Business Leaders through Commerce Education

  • 16 February 2023

The inaugural Oakpreneur ’23 Commerce Fest at Oakridge, Bachupally, was an impressive showcase of the student’s understanding of commerce and how commerce education enables them with essential business skills and financial literacy to navigate the modern world.

Students highlighted the Budget 2023 and presented a model showcasing the Business Environment, Channel of Distribution. A role play was enacted on Marketing strategies to show the importance of advertisement for the sale of products. Students eloquently put their views as they discussed Cryptocurrency and the powerful US dollar. Oakpreneur helped the students to understand the nuances of commerce. 

Business Environment:

Just like humans, businesses do not function in an isolated vacuum. They exist as one element of a complex situation that comprises the social,political, economic, and competitive environment. Businesses function within a whole gambit of relevant environments and must negotiate their way through it. The students displayed exuberant skills and active participation in creating this environment that was highlighted to the utmost. 

Budget FY 2023 – 24

Students showcased their extraordinary talent in highlighting the Union Budget for FY 2023-24, and this year’s budget aims to strengthen India’s economic status further. In the 75th Year of India’s Independence, the World has recognized the Indian Economy as a ‘bright star’ with its Economic Growth estimated at 7 percent, which is the highest among all major economies. This was featured to the highest by the ever-enthusiastic Oakridger.

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Distribution Channel

Students exhibited their extraordinary expertise in highlighting the Channels of business in entrepreneurship. A distribution channel is the network of businesses or intermediaries through which a good or service passes until it reaches the final buyer or the end consumer. Distribution channels can include wholesalers, retailers, distributors, and the internet. This was discernible at every corner of the show and was spotlighted.

Marketing Strategies

A role play was enacted on Marketing strategies to show the importance of advertisement for the sale of any product. Various brands of various products were on a mock sale to understand the importance of buying and selling or the flow of business transactions.

oakridge bachupally


In discussing Cryptocurrency, which uses encryption algorithms to create an alternative payment, students eloquently shared their views. Encryption technologies mean that cryptocurrencies function as a currency and a virtual accounting system.

oakridge bachupally

Oakpreneur helped the students understand the importance of commerce, which helps satisfy people’s wants and needs. It has other benefits, like creating jobs and increasing living standards. The importance of commerce and trade also lies in its ability to help to create jobs throughout the chain of business, from materials gathering to processing and production to retail sales of a product. Our ever-passionate Oakridgers had gained their understanding and thorough knowledge about the same through this outstanding and most remarkable event Oakridge, Bachupally Commerce Fest Oakpreneur ’23. 


Prodipta Chakraborthy

CBSE Secondary English Facilitator

Oakridge International Scholl, Bachupally

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